• Deep tissue massage

  • Injury rehabilitation

  • Developmental stretching

  • Kinesiology tape

  • Zinc oxide strapping

  • Gait analysis

  • Posture analysis

  • Mobilisations

  • Nutritional advice


I offer a range of therapies for  muscle, joint, tendon, ligament and nerve problems, relating from work induced, sports injuries and everyday aches and pains; such as strained shoulders from decorating, a sore back from gardening, or repetitive strain injuries. I can also work with you whilst training for a specific event, such as a 10K run or triathlon, to prevent injuries and speed up the recovery process. I am also qualified in applying K-tape, which helps improve circulation and proprioceptive feedback.


Each client is treated as an individual and is at the centre of each treatment/session. When receiving treatments from me I will always do a full assessment of your needs to determine the best treatment plan for maximum benefit, and if desired I can provide you with a tailored training programme, giving you complete control and responsibility of reaching your goals outside of your treatment sessions.

Appointments available Mon - Sat, 9AM - 7PM in Chippenham, Corsham, Westbury, Trowbridge, West Wilts
I use 100% organic cold pressed products
  • Jane

    I couldn’t walk after I badly sprained my ankle on Monday, and needed to use crutches. After the tape was put on, it felt better and by thursday the swelling had gone down and I didn’t need any crutches.

    Jane at Private Client
  • Jess

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for the massage the other day. Really helped my back and will be booking in again soon. Thanks again.

    Jess at Private Client